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Pricing Guns

Years ago, there was no such thing as Price Guns. Retail businesses of all types had to mark their products with marking pens. Later came the manual stamper. Pricing took a lot of time to accomplish, but there was no such thing as big food stores or huge department stores, so it was all in a day’s work.

Eventually, Monarch and Primark developed the first Pricing Gun. While many businesses today utilize the Barcode system, many smaller retailers continue to use the Price Gun to price, add “sell by date” or sales. It’s even possible to get pre-printed labels for the Price Gun with the store’s name and/or other information.

Unique Marketing Distributors carries all makes of Pricing Guns. One of the main things to consider when choosing a Price Gun is how easily you can load the labels. Believe it, or not; some guns are trickier to load than others. You will also have to decide if you want 1 lone, 2 line or 3 line labels. We have been in business for over 30 years and can help you choose the correct Price Gun for your particular needs and applications.