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Barcode Printers

What are Barcode Printers, and what are they used for?

Barcode Printers are designed to produce barcodes by using the correct software.

A number of years ago Barcode Printers were not readily available, as they are today. In industries such as retail, commercial, distribution and import/export barcode printing is essential and a must to complete any business.

Barcode Printers print labels with barcodes and text in two different ways. One is called Direct Thermal and the other is called Thermal Transfer. Most Barcode printers have the capability to print both types. Although, there are some printers that only print Direct Thermal.

What is the difference between Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer?

Direct Thermal Label

When a printer is configured to create a Direct Thermal label, the raw label material for the tags or labels is made of thermal paper. Thermal paper is a paper that already has the ink embedded in the paper. As the thermal material runs through the print head, it is heated and the ink is drawn out of the material creating a barcode and/or text. Since the ink is embedded in the media, there is no ribbon or toner needed.

Thermal Transfer Label

When creating a barcode label using Thermal Transfer; a ribbon is necessary. Ink, from the ribbon is transferred onto the label or hard tag.

Both printers are equipped with safety features, such as instant shut-off should the ribbon break, or when the label/tag feeder runs out. It will also stop when the eye-mark, which controls start and stop, is reached.