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Barcode Labels

There are two different types of media used for Barcode Labels. One is called Direct Thermal which has the ink embedded in the paper, which is drawn out when the label is run over the heated print head. The other material is called Thermal Transfer which utilizes a ribbon to transfer ink onto a label.

There are various sizes of Barcode Labels and Tags, in including 1 inch wide by 1 – 6 inches in height.

Anatomy of a Barcode
Anatomy of a Barcode
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Anatomy of a Barcode

While there are many types of Barocde Labels, the most common type used in the United States is the UPCA sybology. The UPCA Barcode is made up of 12 digits. The first digit is called the TE Number System. The next 5 digits are the Mfg. Code, the next 5 are the Product Code and the last digit is called the Check Digit.
Most labels and tags can be designed by using the proper software. The software that we highly recommend is called Nice Label.

By using Nice Label, you can design labels with a company name, description, barcode and price very easily. Once the label is designed, you can save it on your hard drive s a template which you can make additions to, without having to recreate the label from scratch each time you need a new one. Don’t forget; no 2 product barcodes are ever alike.

When starting a new business a barcode will be assigned to that business. To obtain one you must go to, or contact us at 1-800-356-8915 and we’ll be happy to help you through the process.